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Travel the world with purpose and contribute with your passion, skills and gifts

Who are we?


A group of people who want to make a difference – some are social entrepreneurs, some are leaders in their local community, some are environmental activists, and some are people like you and me who want to give back in a world that takes.



What is this for travellers?


An inspiring way to travel the world, where your ideas, skills and energy is translated into great outcomes.



What is this for homeowners?


A way to make your home a place for dream making, for your and other peoples dreams. Turning your empty spaces into meaningful places. You can host, mentor, inspire and care for others. All the upside of meeting great new people from all around our planet, without leaving your lounge room.  



Why are we doing it?


Because we know the most incredible things can happen through a purposeful community. Because we know the world is a better place when using our time to do more useful things than consuming Netflix and Uber Eats.



Why would you want to do it?


Because the gap between what you are doing with your life and what you want to do is one small community away. Become the creator of your own fascinating life. Learn the new skills that are changing our planet. Design thinking, connected community, peer coaching. Meet the kind of people who want to do more than watch Netflix. Renew you with new people, new ideas, new projects.

Co-sharing Homes

Co-sharing homes

Find out more about our featured homes.


The Ethical Nomad Hub House
St Kilda East, Melbourne, Australia 

The Ethical Nomad Hub Home is a special place to land and is the centre of developing the Ethical Nomads internationally.

At this home you will work on a variety of different projects including: 

Wellness Coaching and Education – There are a wide range of wellness projects that create innovative tools, training and platforms to bring wellness into the world. 

Ethical Nomad projects to share the ideas, skills and strategies that have been developed over the past 4 years in the Ethical Nomad Hub Home. 

Home Management – We also invite people with skills such as home care, gardening, building and maintenance so we can see our home beautiful and organised.

Proxy Impact - Share Holder Activist House
Richmond, California, USA

The Share Holder Activist Home is a place where you can support Micheal in his awesome work trying to make the world a better place. 

Supporting Shareholder Activism – Micheal Passoff needs people that are passionate about making the world a better place in areas such as social justice, environmental and compassion. He needs people who are focused, smart and willing to help with research, social media, podcasting and online platforms development. 

Home Management – Micheal has about zero time to take care of his home and himself so he also invites people with skills such as cooking, home care, gardening, building and maintenance so he can see his home become a beautiful and organised space for the growing community.


3. Kinship - The Kinglake Earthship
Kinglake, Victoria, Australia

Kinship – The Kinglake Earthship Home is Daryl Taylor’s great vision of an iconic Earthship that is inspiring new ways of building and living in the Australian bush. Kinship is a safe and sustainable living framework which has transformed great imagination to life. 

The Building Project – Daryl needs people that can help to complete the Earthship build, so if you have building skills or want to know more about building an Earthship, this may be the place for you to learn and share. 

Education – Daryl would love people to help share the sustainability ideas beyond Kinglake. Many people are coming to see Kinship, so he needs people who can do sustainability house tours or bring sustainability education to the home. 

Home Management – Daryl invites people with skills such as cooking, home care, gardening,  so his home can welcome tour groups and Ethical Nomads who want to become part of the beautiful growing Earthship community.

Featured Nomads

Featured Nomads

Some testimonials from our ethical nomads.


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